-Go to box next to boat and open white lid. Turn off power in box...breaker is a black switch...turn to off position...pull out boat power cord...put in 50amp or 30 amp converter...turn breaker back on and connect splitter with multiple extension cords.  (shore power) ( if boat is in water skip this step) if boat is on dry dock) Hook up power to shore power using a 50 amp converter or 30 amp converter.  depends on size of boat. bigger boat would use 50 amp.  30 amp wouldn't fit if u tried
-Wipe/scrub down cockpit area including cup holders and all vinyl with whitening solution and hard bristle brush , dash board area with a clean rag
-Grab rotary buffers and put clean wool double sided buffing pads on buffers
-Start at the front of boat with buffer
-Get a clean sponge
-Grab 3m Rubbing Compound in purple bottle
-Use clean sponge to spread 3m Rubbing Compound on all smooth fiberglass.  2 for sections
-Turn on buffer
-Buff 3m Compound off till Compound is gone
-Flip wool buffing pad to opposite side
-Use opposite side of sponge to spread Carnauba based paste wax in same 2 foot section
-Turn on buffer and buff wax until gone
-Flip pad again to repeat the Compound step on next 2 foot area, the flip again and wax buff shine
-When done compounding and waxing all smooth areas on boat polish all metal on boat and glass.  Using a polish product
-Woody Wax all non-skid
-Clean power cord

Herrington Harbour​, Tracys landing, maryland 20779

​Detail/Wash Service By Eric Graves


 -Starting at the front of the boat to the back of the boat. From the highest point of boat to the lowest point of boat                                             
-Walk on boat open all compartments on floor of boat front deck, cockpit, and swim platform
-Empty compartments of contents and set to the side
-Spray whitening solution evenly around in each compartment
-Spray degreaser evenly around in each compartment
-Spray all non-skid walking areas with whitening solution...front of boat to back of boat
-Spray all non-skid walking areas with degreaser... front of boat to back of boat...
-Get white long brushes to scrub non-skid floors.  (if using power-washer you can skip this step)
-Bring power-washer or hose for water on boat
-Use blue brushes to wash all smooth areas of fiberglass with regular yellow soap.  (do not let soap dry on smooth fiberglass)
-Keep rinsing boat while washing at the same time deep cleaning close with power-washer wand all non skid and compartments as you work your way front to back and top to bottom
-After above rub-rail is done rinse below rub-rail (hull sides)
-Wash with yellow soap and blue brushes
-Use bottom cleaner to remove yellow scum line or yellow on bottom of boat
-Go back up to above rub-rail and use squeegee on all glass first the smooth fiberglass.  (if i-senglass spray i-senglass glass polish on an get dry quickly) ***Remember the side of the boat that the sun is beating on will dry really fast so get that side done first!!!!
-Squeegee hull sides
-Chamois and then dry all hard glass with microfiber
-Dry all smooth fiberglass top to bottom
-Wipe/scrub down cockpit area including cup holders and all vinyl with whitening solution and hard bristle brush , dash board area also
-Dry all metal
-Wipe out compartment jambs
-Double check and even out cleanliness of compartments
-Clean floors with whitening and hard brush (long white brush or small hand held brush) front to back-wipe rub-rail clean